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Are you tired of not getting those kills and unlocks in Battlefield 2042? Well luckely there is a easy way to get easy kills, tons of XP and unlock your prefered gear and attachments fast. And the best part, you can do it all by yourself. Simply go into solo play and choose Breakthrough. The mode have pleny of enemies and even though they are tough from time, they are easely calculated and don't do much against vehicles. You can get 100+ kill everytime you play and a ton of XP for capping...
Bad Company 2 characters with Battlefield 3 vehicles on El Alamein? Yes, please. Battlefield 2042 offers a lot of new content, including maps , weapons and specialists . But many learn to spend most of their time in the Battlefield Portal game mode, which contains material from Battlefield 1942 , Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 . What can you invent there? EA and Dice give us a taste of this in the latest trailer. They have also published a blog post where they describe the process of...
Until very recently, the somewhat misleading name Playstation Mobile has been the sender of all Playstation Steam games. Now, instead, Playstation PC is stepping up as publisher, which feels more logical. Unless Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, God of War and two Uncharteds were proof enough, we can probably state that, yes, Playstation games on PC are here to stay. According to VGC , the name Playstation PC was registered already in April, but only now is it used sharply. It remains to be...
They have everything from target explosives to ballistic shields. The fact that Battlefield 2042 will use specific characters named specialists instead of more anonymous classes has not directly become the most acclaimed feature of the game. In the beta test , we got to test four of them, and via a video, Dice has now shown five more. First out is Navin Rao, who is of the recon class. He can hack both objects in the environment as well as players, and if he kills a hacked player, the...
Which in the series is your favorite? You never talk about a lady's age, but today we have to make an exception. Today it is exactly 25 years ago that the first Tomb Raider was released for Sega Saturn. Playstation and PC versions followed, followed by an almost innumerable stream of sequels, reboots, movies, books and more. The latest game in the series, Shadow of the Tomb Raider , has a few years on its neck and also became a finale in the trilogy that was created to take Lara back to...
Here's a little Battlefield 2042 montage I made. Music by the talented Levi Doron. Battlefield 2042 Montage - Featuring Battlefield 3 Remix by LEViDORON:
Good news for anyone who has Battlefield friends spread across multiple platforms: Dice plans to build and test cross-play for Battlefield 2042 so people on different platforms can play with and against each other. Unfortunately, this also means that the technical, closed alpha test will be postponed until later this summer. During this test, they will test the cross-play functionality, and a few thousand players will be invited to play against each other on PC, Xbox Series X / S and...
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